Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration In America

In our resources drop down menu you can find a link to a pdf file of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic plan.  The English version starts on page 16 and is worth the time invested to understand how the Muslim Brotherhood plans to conquer our country through ‘Civilization Jihad’.

As you read through the document, you will find their plan is to infiltrate the institutions of the United States including the government at all levels, the media, and the educational system.  They have laid out their plan, and they are following it to this day.  We are constantly being infiltrated, as per their plan.

Fortunately, there are people who watch for the infiltration and act when it is discovered.  Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project On Terrorism, is a leader in this effort.  Here is a link to Steve’s bio.

In this article published yesterday, Steve recounts how information provided by his group stopped the appointment of a Muslim Brotherhood operative as the chaplain for the Illinois State Police.  I picked this article to add to our recommended reading list because it is a prime example of how we are being infiltrated, and how hard it is to identify and stop the infiltration.

Our thanks to Steve and his group for their vigilance.

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