Warning From A Holocaust Survivor

The recommended reading portion of our site is to showcase articles written by authors that make a point in outstanding fashion.  This morning, I sit here in appreciation of an article written by a Holocaust survivor warning about Islam in a way that removes all of the arguments about the vast majority of Muslims who are peaceful. Dr. Emanuel … [Read More...]

The Week In Terror, July 7 2013

Another week and another list starts as we highlight Islamic attacks in the news: Sunnis in Iraq are at it again as predominately Shiite areas are targeted.  At least 57 people are killed in blasts and shootings at a market in Baghdad according to this story from France24.  While some may claim this is just sectarian violence within Islam, we … [Read More...]

Muslim Separatists, An Inspired Moment

September 29, 2010 at approximately noon, I arrived at a mountain cabin being used by my friend Task.  He had called a while earlier and asked me to come over to discuss a concept that he felt should be written about and shared.  I knew it was something important by the tone in his voice and the fact that he did not want to discuss it over the … [Read More...]

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James O’Keefe Exposes Civilization Jihad

With two stunning videos within a two week period, Project Veritas, led by filmmaker James O’Keefe, has exposed Civilization Jihad in its full glory.  The videos in question are from Cornell University and Barry University where students are advised by school officials on how to create and fund on-campus clubs supporting ISIS.  The Cornell University […]

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Long Term Islamic Goals

What the world is witnessing in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Central Asia, and in Europe is a violent expansion to achieve long term Islamic goals for … [Read More...]


Exposing The Ideology Behind London Attack

Yesterday we witnessed a barbaric attack near London that has left the world stunned and horrified beyond words.  The image of a Jihadist holding a bloody knife … [Read More...]

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Task Introduced

“Jack, the bastard’s in one of two places and is being protected by the same officials that claim they have no knowledge of his location. I know we can get him”. Task shared his thoughts with me one afternoon while we sat talking in the living room of his home….
The conversation continued; “Bin Laden travels between two countries that protect him, Iran and Pakistan”. Another piece of a puzzle had been revealed as my education about terror and global threats continued. [Read More...]